Interview Tips

A job interview can be daunting for even the most self assured person. Although nerves are to be expected — the more prepared you are, the better you will be able to show why you are the best person for the job. So what should you remember before going for that all important interview for your dream job? Here’s a short list of tips from us:

  • Do your research — What does the company do? What are the company values? What seems to be the company culture? Do some ‘legitimate stalking’! Don’t just check the company website, check out their social media channels, like the company Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, find out what other people say about the company. 
  • Ensure your CV is up to date — It may be some time since you applied for the position, is there anything that you should include in your CV since you applied? Have you completed any courses etc.? If so, bring some copies of your updated CV to the interview.
  • Dress to impress — Wear something that makes you feel comfortable. The company may not necessarily be a suit and tie kind of place — if in doubt ask when you are called for an interview.
  • Be early — Give yourself enough time to find the right building, check in at reception etc.
  • Have a positive attitude and be enthusiastic — Positivity is infectious so make sure to come to your interview with a good attitude which will put everyone at ease. If you come to the interview with bundles of enthusiasm you are showing that you will be passionate about your job when you join the company.
  • Be mannerly — If there is ever a time where you need to be on your best behaviour, it’s in an interview. Give a good, strong handshake, make eye contact when you are talking to someone, introduce yourself directly to everyone. Also take the time to say thank you to those who are interviewing you. They have probably had a day of interviews and will appreciate you expressing your thanks.
  • Ask questions — When you’re asked if you have any questions, say yes and ask something — it shows that you are truly interested in the organisation and are always willing to learn more. If, when the interviewer asks if you have any questions you say ‘No, thanks’, it seems that you are not truly interested in learning more about the job/company. For example ask if the position is a new one, what are the advancement opportunities, can you describe a typical work week/day in this position? Show that you are interested in finding out more!
  • Finally, relax and be yourself — Although it may be easier said than done, take a few deep breathes and relax. If you’re trying too hard to impress and pretending to be something you’re not, it will be obvious to those interviewing you and won’t leave a good impression.

Any questions?