Does your spouse and fam­ily need visas to enter Ireland?

You can find the list of fam­ily mem­bers who need a visa at the Irish Nat­ur­al­isa­tion and Immig­ra­tion Ser­vice web­site. If your nation is NOT on the list of nations allow­ing free entry to Ire­land, your fam­ily will have to apply for visas. You do this through the local Irish Embassy or Con­su­late in your coun­try. Your spouse and depend­ent chil­dren should seek a “D Type” visa. Depend­ent chil­dren are those who are 16 or over. Chil­dren under the age of 16 are covered by the spouse’s travel visa.

Pro­ced­ures for a spouse and fam­ily to join an employ­ment per­mit holder

If you are a cit­izen of a non-visa required coun­try such as USA or Aus­tralia, ensure that you arrive at your entry port with enough money with you. This is to show you can sup­port your­self dur­ing a one-month visit to the country.

Before the one-month entry per­mis­sion expires, go to the local police sta­tion. Make sure your spouse who holds the employ­ment per­mit accom­pan­ies you. The two of you should bring:

  • A mar­riage certificate
  • The employ­ment per­mit of the spouse cur­rently working
  • Recent bank statements/pay slips of the per­mit holder. This is to prove that your spouse can sup­port you so you don’t become depend­ent on the State
  • Addi­tional proof that you will be able to fin­an­cially sup­port yourselves (e.g., health insurance/travel insur­ance, bank state­ments that show sav­ings in your nat­ive coun­try, etc.) is not essen­tial but use­ful for strength­en­ing your case.
  • You should then be given a one-year exten­sion, provided, of course, that your spouse has a work con­tract for a year or more.

Non-EEA national mar­ried to EU national

If you are a non-EEA national mar­ried to an EU national who is cur­rently resid­ing in Ire­land, you are required to apply to the Depart­ment of Justice, Equal­ity and Law Reform to seek res­id­ency on that basis. You will want to get a “Stamp 4″ which will mean that you won’t require an employ­ment per­mit when you want to start work­ing in Ireland.

Long-term res­id­ency

A spouse and any depend­ent chil­dren of a non-EEA national applic­ant can apply for res­id­ency at the same time as the employ­ment per­mit holder if the holder has worked for five years or more on an employ­ment per­mit scheme.