What is a visa?

A visa is a doc­u­ment that entitles you, sub­ject to cus­tom and immig­ra­tion require­ments, to land in Ireland. It is import­ant to note that a visa does not per­mit you to work or live here, it only states that you are author­ised to land in Ireland.

Who does not need a visa to enter Ireland?

You can travel to Ire­land easier from some coun­tries than oth­ers. You do not need a visa to land in Ire­land if you are a cit­izen of one of the coun­tries lis­ted here or a cit­izen of any European Eco­nomic Area mem­ber state. The mem­bers of the EEA are the 28 coun­tries of the European Union, together with Ice­land, Nor­way and Liechtenstein.

Do I need a visa even if I have a work permit?

Yes. A visa-required national who has been issued with an employ­ment per­mit must apply for an employ­ment visa through their local Irish Embassy or Con­su­late. You can also apply online.

Types of visa

Be aware of the type of visa that you are issued with. If you are issued with a single-entry visa, it’s valid for only one entry into Ire­land. If you plan to travel home or take a hol­i­day you will need a re-entry visa to land into Ire­land again. If you’re unsure of your travel plans then it is best to apply for a multi-entry visa. It will cover any entry in and out of Ire­land for as long as your visa is valid.

How to apply for a visa

For cit­izens of states that require an Irish visa, you can eas­ily apply for one at the Irish Embassy or Con­su­late in your home coun­try or online. Once again, it is import­ant to remem­ber that you’ll need to apply at least eight weeks in advance of the time you wish to land into Ire­land. A stamp will be marked on your pass­port to cer­tify your entry at the air­port and you will still need to pass through immigration.

How long will the applic­a­tion take?

Organ­ising your visas well in advance will ensure that your move­ment through the air­ports will be hassle free. The visas might take up to three months to arrange so if you are con­sid­er­ing Ire­land as a base for work, let this be one of the ini­tial steps.

Price of a visa

Visas don’t come free; a stand­ard pro­cessing charge is between €25 and €100 depend­ing on the type of visa you require but it will be worth it!

Irish Transit Visa

An Irish Transit Visa is really only if you are passing through Ire­land on the way else­where. It will allow you to stay in the air­port while you are wait­ing for your next flight. You won’t be able to leave the air­port and you must have a valid visa for your next destination.

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